Our company Nuts trade LLC is a wholesale supplier of walnuts from Ukraine and Moldova. We export walnuts to Europe, Asia and other continents.
The product is grown in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine and Moldova, this is confirmed by the high percentage of fat in walnuts. We provide our partners with all the necessary certificates and accompanying documents.

Our products comply with all international norms and standards. You can also order samples of walnut kernels from us, which we will send you by transport companies.

We offer our partners the following range of walnut kernels:

  • half a walnut (1/2)
  • a quarter of a walnut (1/4)
  • walnut mix
  • walnut in the shell (on request)

If you want us to calculate the cost, please send a request on our e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram or use an on-line consultant and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Purchasing of walnuts in bulk:

  • signing a contract on walnuts supply;
  • procurement of products;
  • customs clearance;
  • delivery.

Geography of supplies: Europe, Asia, other continents.
Packaging: 3- or 5-layer-cardboard-box - 10kg, vacuum packaging is also possible.
Delivery: road transport, shipping, taking into account temperature requirements.

Cooperation with our company will bring you not just service but benefit.

Our priority is high quality, reasonable price and best service! This is what you need from suppliers, and we do this flawlessly.

Origin: Ukraine, Moldova.

Incoterms: By agreement.

Packaging: 5-layer-corrugated-cardboard-box - 10 kg and vacuum packaging: 5-kg-bags (2 bags per box).

Certificates to confirm national and international standards are available upon request. We can also sort out and package nuts of different fractions and varieties, as well as mixes of any proportion for you on request.